Super Simple Contact Form Maker

Do you need a contact form on your site, but aren't sure how to make one?
Just follow these steps and you'll be up-and-running.

Step 1

Choose where to have your messages sent.

Send ToLocationAddress
E-Mail Address**

Step 2

Choose the type of data that you want to use in your contact form by checking the associated box, if you want that field to be required, check the make req'd box too.

The script will generate a label for that field automatically. If you would like to change the text in that label, you can do so in the field label field.

Use FieldMake RequiredField NameField label
Sender's Name
Sender's E-mail
E-Mail Subject
E-Mail Body
Sender's URL
Sender's Telephone

Show javascript alert for validation errors.

Step 3

Show Thank You message after sending message.

Thank You Message

Step 4

Now, submit the form and your code will be generated for you. A link will be provided for you to download your custom script.

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